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Report from the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Board Privacy Program

On May 14, Hogan Lovells’ partner Chris Wolf moderated a panel discussion presented by the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee entitled, “New Internet Privacy Legislation: What the White House, Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission Are Recommending.” The FTC’s Maneehsa Mithal began the event with a brief overview of the FTC’s Commission Report on protecting consumer privacy, and the panelists, led by Mr. Wolf, engaged in a discussion about the FTC Report, the White House’s privacy white paper, and the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation.

Posted in Consumer Privacy

White House Announces New Privacy Framework Including Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

The White House released its long-awaited Privacy “White Paper” that outlines the Obama Administration’s proposal for a new American privacy framework, which consists of four key elements: (1) a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights; (2) a multi-stakeholder process to determine how these rights will apply in specific business contexts; (3) an effective enforcement model; and (4) greater interoperability between the privacy frameworks of the United States and its international partners.