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Mobile Health in the EU (Part 2): Personal Data and Sensitive Information in mHealth Businesses

In our previous post we outlined the key issues regarding mHealth devices and services from a privacy law perspective. Now, we go further into the details and discuss the scope of the personal data involved, especially relating to sensitive health data. We introduce the relevant statutory requirements in the EU and the legal opinions of the Article 29 Working Party and the European Data Protection Supervisor as well as having a look at the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation. Against this legal background, one core question we will examine is whether information collected and processed by lifestyle apps and devices must be classified as health data and fall under the strict requirements of European data protection laws.

Posted in International/EU Privacy

French Parliamentary Commission Recommends Privacy Law Reform Citing Testimony of Hogan Lovells Privacy Lawyer

After a year of hearings, including meetings in Washington with the FTC and DOJ, a French parliamentary commission released its findings on the protection of individual rights in the digital revolution. The 384-page report from the French National Assembly contains recommendations on cloud-computing, privacy by design, and EU privacy law reform.