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Capitol Hill Focus on Privacy Reveals Rifts; Upcoming Program in House Announced

On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on consumer privacy and the need for a federal baseline law. On one side — Senators Rockefeller (D-WVA) and Kerry (D-MA), strong proponents of baseline privacy legislation, and on the other was Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), who questions whethere there is the need at all for legislation and who expressed cocern over compliance costs threatening innovation. On Monday, the Congressional Internet Caucus wil hold a program on pending privacy legislative proposals, moderated by Hogan Lovells Privacy Leader Chris Wolf.

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Hogan Lovells-Authored Opinion Piece Examines Idea of Legally Restricting Sharing on Social Media

Should Congress exercise control over the types of information people can share in social media and whether they can share certain categories of information automatically? In an opinion piece published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Hogan Lovells privacy leader Chris Wolf addresses the issue of whether Congress should pass a law restricting the manner in which individuals might choose to share information on the streaming videos they watch through social media. The piece is summarized here, along with a link to Chris’ related Senate testimony.

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Firm Privacy Leader Testifies in US Senate on Video Privacy

Chris Wolf, co-chair of the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Information Management Practice today testified before the United States Senate Judiciary Subcomittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law at a hearing on “The Video Privacy Protection Act: Protecting Viewer Privacy in the 21st Century.” His spoken testimony is in this blog entry, and a copy of his written testimony is available through this post.