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(Discussion Recap) A Perfect Storm? Panel Discussion on Handling a Cybersecurity Incident

On Tuesday, 3 March 2020, we welcomed our financial services clients in London to a lively panel event, which covered the multitude of issues which arise in a cybersecurity incident. Using a hypothetical case study, revealed in a series of short animations, Hogan Lovells partners Philip Parish, Arwen Handley, Nicola Fulford and Peter Marta considered topics such as good cyber incident preparedness, board responsibility, data issues, regulatory notifications, litigation and regulatory enforcement risk, liaison with law enforcement, and follow-up steps, and answered questions covering the legality of ransom payments to the perpetrators of cyberattacks and insurance for cyber incidents. This post summarizes key messages of the event.

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In-Person Event: A Perfect Storm? Panel Discussion on Handling a Cybersecurity Incident

Please join us in our London offices for a lively panel discussion with on what financial institutions and service providers need to know about cybersecurity and cyber incident preparedness. The panel will examine the key challenges that companies face before, during, and after a cybersecurity attack, including cybersecurity preparedness, incident response, notification requirements, and litigation and regulatory enforcement risk.