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UK OFT Call for Information on Personalized Pricing Practices

This post was contributed by Mac Macmillan, an attorney in Hogan Lovells’ London office The United Kingdom Office of Fair Trading has issued a Call for Information on personalized pricing practices in the UK, in another illustration that “big data” is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the world of data protection and privacy. Personalized […]

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Article 29 Working Party to OBA Industry on Meeting Cookie Consent Requirement: “Nice try, but…”

The Article 29 Working Party in the EU has thrown cold water on proposals by the OBA industry to avoid the literal application of the so-called Cookie Directive for specific opt-in consent to the placement of tracking cookies, whether personal data is tracked or not. In a letter sent in advance of a September meeting between the parties, the Working Party rejects a range of proposals from the OBA industry.

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FTC: Opt-Out Should Mean Opt-Out

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday announced a settlement with Chitika, Inc. over its failure to honor consumers’ choice in contravention of representations made in its online privacy policy. The announcement is notable in that it comes in the wake of the FTC’s December 2010 Preliminary Staff Report and is the FTC’s first consent settlement relating to […]