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“Key Internet Enablers” and Other Critical Industries the Subject of Proposed European Cybersecurity Directive

Noting that security incidents affecting information systems “are becoming bigger, more frequent, and more complex,” and that the majority of respondents to its consultation on the topic reported having experienced such an incident in the past year, today the European Commission released a proposal for a Directive “concerning measures to ensure a high common level […]

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Hong Kong Set to Implement Data User Return Scheme by 2013

On July 7, the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data issued a consultation document setting out the mechanism for a Data User Return Scheme that require certain business sectors to publicize information about their data practices to create greater accountability and transparency of data protection practices of corporations as well as an enhancement of their data privacy protection standards. Gabriela Kennedy and Zuzana Hecko, of the Intellectual Property, Media and Technology group of Hogan Lovells’ Hong Kong office, provide their synopsis.

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Short Guide to Responding to Data Security Breaches

The recent effective data for enforcement of the new HIPAA/HITECH data-security breach notification law, and continued passage of and amendments to state notification laws, make compliance with data-security breach notification requirements more challenging than ever.
The H&H Chronicle of Data Protection thought it would be useful to provide this Short Guide to Responding to Data Security Breaches as a refresher for some and as a wake-up call for others.