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Posted in Health Privacy/HIPAA

New Hampshire Enacts Health Information Privacy Laws

This summer New Hampshire enacted two laws that increase protection for health information. The first, H.B. 619, restricts the use of health data for marketing and fundraising purposes, and imposes new state data breach notification requirements on health care providers, including pharmacists.  The second, H.B. 542, establishes a framework for health information exchange entities (HIEs) and requires that individuals be permitted to […]

Posted in Cybersecurity & Data Breaches

Possible Health Information Trend in State Data Protection Statutes

With the compliance date for the federal health data breach notifications in the HITECH Act looming, more states are amending their data breach notification statutes to cover health information. The possible trend is evident in the newly-enacted laws of three states – Missouri, New Hampshire and Texas – all of which have been enacted since June 2009.  […]