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FTC Updates Guidelines for Online Advertising Disclosures

Recognizing the changes enabled by mobile devices and social technologies, the Federal Trade Commission has published the first update in over twelve years of its guidelines for online advertising. The new guide, .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising, parallels the 2000 original, Dot Com Disclosures: Information About Online Advertising, and uses much […]

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FTC Issues Report on Emerging Mobile Payments Services

There has been an explosion in the number and variety of mobile payment services available to consumers in the last couple of years, with new innovations and players growing exponentially. The release of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) March 8, 2013 staff report, “Paper, Plastic… or Mobile? An FTC Workshop on Mobile Payments,” indicates the potential […]

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Report from the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Board Privacy Program

On May 14, Hogan Lovells’ partner Chris Wolf moderated a panel discussion presented by the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee entitled, “New Internet Privacy Legislation: What the White House, Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission Are Recommending.” The FTC’s Maneehsa Mithal began the event with a brief overview of the FTC’s Commission Report on protecting consumer privacy, and the panelists, led by Mr. Wolf, engaged in a discussion about the FTC Report, the White House’s privacy white paper, and the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation.

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Details on FTC Recommendation of Legislation to Address Practices of Information Brokers

In the report issued by the FTC yesterday, the FTC calls on Congress to consider enacting targeted legislation to provide greater transparency for, and control over, the practices of information brokers and to allow consumers to access their data maintained by information brokers. The FTC notes that Congress could model any such legislation on a bill that the House passed during the 111th Congress, as well as similar bills introduced in the 112th Congress. These bills included some data accuracy and access provisions that were targeted specifically to information brokers. The bills are detailed in this blog entry.

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Coming on Tuesday, 14 December: IAPP Web Conference Analyzing FTC Privacy Report Featuring Hogan Lovells and FTC Officials

You are invited on Tuesday, 14 December to the first webinar with a comprehensive analysis of the FTC Privacy Report, presented by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and featuring Hogan Lovells’ Chris Wolf, Director of the Privacy and Information Management Practice, Bob Belair of Arnall Golden Gregory, and the FTC’s incoming Chief Technologist Ed Felten and Peder Magee, Senior Staff Attorney in the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Bureau of Consumer Protection at the FTC, who was intimately involved with the Report.