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Should I Be Worried About the GDPR? – EDPB’S Guidelines on the GDPR’S Territorial Scope

Does the GDPR really apply to my company? From a data protection standpoint, this is the first thing that comes to mind within non-EU companies. In many cases, the GDPR seems like an issue of the Old Continent, so it does not affect non-EU companies. In others, companies apply the GDPR to all their processing activities just to avoid the possibility of being addressed by EU authorities. Neither decision is per se correct.

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Spanish Data Protection Agency Releases Guidance on Cookies Regulation

On April 26th, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (“SDPA”) issued its long-awaited guidance on the Spanish cookies regulation, which requires companies seeking to place cookies on users’ devices to obtain those users’ prior opt-in consent after providing them with clear and complete information about the use of cookies and the purposes for which data collected via cookies will be processed. The guidance, which the SDPA drafted in collaboration with industry, takes a business-oriented approach and provides companies with several alternatives for complying with the regulation’s notice and consent requirements.

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UK Government Challenges Expected Benefits of Draft European Data Protection Regulation

This post was contributed by Mac Macmillan, an attorney in Hogan Lovells’ London office On November 22, 2012, the UK government published its Impact Assessment of the draft European data protection regulation.  When the draft regulation was first published, the European Commission estimated that harmonizing the European data protection regime would bring a net administrative […]

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German DPAs Issue Rules for Cloud Computing Use

The German data protection authorities on September 26, 2011 adopted an “Orientation guide – cloud computing.” The guide sets out mandatory and recommended content for any agreement between German users of cloud computing services and cloud computing serving providers. It highlights the customer’s responsibility for full compliance with German data protection requirements for the cloud. Based on this orientation guide, customers and providers will have to review existing agreements in the German market.

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US Court and German Data Protection Authority in Accord on Discovery Limitations

As recently reported by the data protection authority of the German Federal State of Bavaria in its annual review, a US court recently accepted the data protection authority’s limitation on the scope of discovery involving documents with personal information. The issue of EU data protection rules conflicting with US discovery requests is a recurring one, and this episode demonstrates an instance of international comity worth noting.

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Big Changes in EU Privacy Law Coming?

Out of Brussels comes the news that the European Commission has circulated a document containing a draft strategy for improvements in data protection, including a long-awaited set of proposals for revamping of the EU Data Protection Directive. This blog entry summarizes the proposals. Any one of the proposed changes would be news, but taken together, they suggest a dramatic set of possible changes with respect to data protection in the EU.