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AI and the EU – A Proposal for Regulatory Reform

In February, the EU Commission announced its strategy for shaping the digital future of the bloc. This included the publication of its long-awaited white paper on the future of artificial intelligence, with proposals for introducing a regulatory framework to govern the adoption and application of AI in both the commercial and public realms.

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With EU Privacy Reform, the Marathon Is In Its Final Stretch

If the EU data protection legislative reform was a marathon, we would now be approaching the 20-mile mark. That is the critical point where one can start to think that the finish line is within reach in the knowledge that the hardest part is yet to come. At present, the EU legislative process that started more than three years ago is about to reach a crucial milestone: On 15 and 16 June, the Council of the EU—which shares legislative powers with the European Parliament—is due to reach an agreement on its own preferred draft for the General Data Protection Regulation.

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EU Commission: Data Breach Notification for Telecoms Providers and ISPs within 24 Hours

Under a new regulation on the notification of personal data breaches, providers of publicly available electronic communication services must provide notices to authorities of breaches within 24 hours. If the provider lacks full information about the data breach, a preliminary notice is required, with a subsequent notification within 3 days after the initial notification. The subscribers […]

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EU Sets Timeline for Consideration of Data Protection Reform

Jan Philipp Albrecht, the rapporteur to the European Parliament for the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation, has set forth a draft calendar that indicates how long debate over the Regulation may last. It is anticipated that by summer 2013 the Regulation should be ready for trilogue with the Council and Commission, and that the Regulation shall be put to a vote in the plenary session of the European Parliament in early 2014.