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Posted in Employment Privacy

No Expectation of Privacy in Workplace E-mail Leads ABA to Impose Duty on Lawyers to Warn Clients

Employers have a right, and in some cases a duty, to monitor the e-mail communications of their employees that are sent from the employer’s e-mail system. As a general matter, employees have no expectation of privacy in e-mails sent through their workplace system. Since employees who communicate with their personal lawyers through their employer’s e-mail are subject to employer monitoring, the American Bar Association has issued a formal ethics opinion stating that lawyers have a duty to warn such employees that their e-mails may not be confidential.

Posted in Consumer Privacy

Ninth Circuit Rules on CAN-SPAM Standing Requirements

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held on August 6, 2009 that standing for private plaintiffs under the CAN-SPAM Act is limited.  Judge Richard Tallman, who authored the court’s opinion in Gordon v. Virtumundo, Inc., No. 07-35487 (Aug. 6, 2009, 9th Cir.), noted that this was the first case in which the […]