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Hogan Lovells Asia Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide 2020

Today’s urgent focus on COVID-19 makes it easy to forget that data protection regulation saw significant development in the APAC region through 2019, with important legislative reforms and a number of new laws. What do you need to be doing to prepare your organization for the future? Our Asia Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide 2020 (linked in this blog post) takes you through the developments and key initiatives of APAC countries and discuss the implications of an ever-shifting landscape.

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Employers Take Notice: Increased Cybersecurity Threats Amid Coronavirus Precautions

On March 11, the Word Health Organization officially characterized the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic. During the outbreak, many employers around the world are seeking to prioritize the well-being and safety of their employees by asking them to work remotely instead of risking exposure while commuting and working in populated office spaces. Organizations need to take into account increased risks to the security of their networks, systems, and data during this time.