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Webinar Invitation — AdTech and Privacy: Managing Risk in a Complex and Evolving Digital Economy

Join Hogan Lovells and Ankura to learn about the impact of the GDPR and CCPA on cookies and similar AdTech tracking technologies. James Denvil from Hogan Lovells’ Privacy and Cybersecurity practice will be joined by senior directors from Ankura to share best practices and their perspectives. Continue Reading

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Now Available: Global Employment and Data Privacy Considerations for COVID-19 (Webinar Materials)

On March 19 and 30, Hogan Lovells partners from the Employment and Privacy and Cybersecurity practice areas hosted webinars addressing issues that clients are facing as they respond to the global coronavirus pandemic. The safety, security, and wellbeing of your workforce is paramount, as is maintaining strong legal and regulatory compliance. We invite you to review our webinar materials on these issues, they now are available for download. Continue Reading

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Update of Japan’s Privacy Law Approved by Cabinet

On Tuesday, March 10, the Japanese Cabinet approved a bill to revise the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“APPI”), which would require companies to take certain additional measures to protect personal data of data subjects. The reported goals of the bill include, for example: (i) broadening data subjects’ powers to exercise control over their data; and (ii) to establish a system to facilitate corporation’s internal use of “big data.” The proposed amendment will be submitted to the ordinary session of the Diet for approval. The update comes as part of the Japanese government’s commitment to update Japan’s privacy law every three years. The last update came into force in May 2017. Continue Reading

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FCC Confirms that Certain COVID-19 Communications Fall Within the TCPA’s “Emergency Purposes” Exception

Health care providers and government officials have more clarity regarding the ability to place certain calls and texts about the novel coronavirus, thanks to recent action by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

On March 20, 2020, the FCC released a Declaratory Ruling confirming that the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus qualifies as an emergency under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), after President Trump pronounced the COVID-19 outbreak a national emergency. As a result, hospitals, health care providers, health officials, and other government officials may use automated calls and text messages to communicate information about COVID-19 when “necessary to protect the health and safety of citizens,” without violating the TCPA. The FCC released the Declaratory Ruling on its own motion, without being prompted to do so by a regulated party. Continue Reading

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COVID-19 Webinar Invitation — U.S. Employment Considerations

Michael E. DeLarco

George W. Ingham

Michelle Roberts Gonzales







This U.S.-focused webinar is a part of a series to help our clients respond to the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on their business.

The safety, security, and wellbeing of your workforce is paramount, as is maintaining strong legal and regulatory compliance. We will provide an overview of the following topics during this event: Continue Reading

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Getting Customer Communications Right in Times of Coronavirus

Across the world, large retail stores and small businesses alike are shutting their doors. International flights and sporting events, conferences and concerts (and everything in between) are being cancelled. With all of the cancellations, postponements, and alternative arrangements that are required as a result of this global crisis, plus the special desire of all retail, travel, and other consumer-facing businesses to stay in touch with their customers, many organisations face the critical challenge of getting to grips with the legal rules that apply to those unsolicited communications and interactions. Continue Reading

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AI and the EU – A Proposal for Regulatory Reform

In February, the EU Commission announced its strategy for shaping the digital future of the bloc. This included the publication of its long-awaited white paper on the future of artificial intelligence, with proposals for introducing a regulatory framework to govern the adoption and application of AI in both the commercial and public realms.

The reforms come in response to growing concerns amongst the public and in the media about the potential harms that may be caused by autonomous machines, and follows on from work that has been undertaken by the Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG). Continue Reading

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COVID-19 Webinar Invitation — Global Employment & Data Privacy Considerations

The safety and security of your workforce is paramount, as is maintaining strong legal and regulatory compliance. During this one-hour webinar, Partners from our Employment and Privacy and Cybersecurity practices will be making some global observations on employment issues our clients are facing and highlighting the specific impact coronavirus is having for employers in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands. As employers adapt to the situation, data privacy considerations should not be forgotten along with the potential for heightened cybersecurity risks. Continue Reading

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Coronavirus and Data Protection: Europe’s Data Protection Authorities’ Views

Data protection authorities from around the world are stepping in to provide their input and guidance on the matter of data processing activities and the fight against the coronavirus.  Hogan Lovells’ global Privacy and Cybersecurity team has compiled the guidance from various European authorities, which is available here (last updated: April 20, 2020). Continue Reading

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(Discussion Recap) A Perfect Storm? Panel Discussion on Handling a Cybersecurity Incident

Peter Marta

Arwen Handley







Philip Parish

Nicola Fulford







On Tuesday, 3 March 2020, we welcomed our financial services clients in London to a lively panel event, which covered the multitude of issues which arise in a cybersecurity incident.

Using a hypothetical case study, revealed in a series of short animations, Hogan Lovells partners Philip Parish, Arwen Handley, Nicola Fulford and Peter Marta considered topics such as good cyber incident preparedness, board responsibility, data issues, regulatory notifications, litigation and regulatory enforcement risk, liaison with law enforcement, and follow-up steps, and answered questions covering the legality of ransom payments to the perpetrators of cyberattacks and insurance for cyber incidents. Continue Reading