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Now Available: CCPA Draft Regulations – What You Need to Know (Webinar Materials)

Tim Tobin

Melissa Bianchi

Mark Brennan

Bret Cohen

Scott Loughlin












On October 17, 2019, the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity team discussed key elements of the California Attorney General’s proposed regulations implementing certain provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). (See our coverage of the proposed regulations, here.)

While the proposed regulations may change, including based on public input, they provide valuable signals of how the California Attorney General may ultimately approach a wide array of CCPA requirements.

The Hogan Lovells team discussed the proposed requirements and how they would impact privacy notices, individual rights, financial incentive programs, and contracting strategies. We also discussed steps you can take to develop reasonable and defensible CCPA compliance strategies by January 1, 2020, along with several areas where businesses may want to provide comments to the Attorney General based on practical business realities.

To listen to the recording, click here.

To download the slides, click here.