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Amsterdam Seminar: Protect Your Data!

Joke Bodewits

Ruud van der Velden






On 23 May 2019, Hogan Lovells’ Amsterdam office will host the in-person seminar “Bescherm je data!” (“Protect Your Data!”). Joke Bodewits and Ruud van der Velden will discuss recent EU legislation, and focus on “lessons learned” for companies with respect to privacy, cybersecurity, and trade secrets.

Data forms the cornerstone of the current economy. Last year, the GDPR and the EU Trade Secrets Directive together updated the legal framework for the protection of the most important data in a company: personal data and trade secrets. With these developments in mind, the seminar will consider the overlap between the two regimes and why companies must consider them together in order to fully utilize the possibilities for data protection.

The in-person seminar will be presented in Dutch.

This seminar is of interest to in-house counsel, in-house patent attorneys, privacy officers, CISO’s and IT managers. To sign up, click here.