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Consumer Horizons 2019: Hogan Lovells’ Cross-Practice Publication Highlights Key Privacy and Data Protection Considerations in the Consumer Industry

The consumer industry is evolving at lightning speed, and the way consumer businesses operate is shifting. From issues in supply chain to the digitalization of the consumer experience, companies are rapidly changing to keep up with consumer demands. Businesses in the consumer industry have seen a wave of unprecedented disruption and transformation that have made privacy and data protection issues a mainstream topic in boardrooms, amongst legislators, and across the wider public. 2019 promises challenges of similar or greater magnitude.

In this year’s edition of Consumer Horizons, the Hogan Lovells global Consumer team identifies trends that will impact food and beverages companies, fashion and luxury goods producers, retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and other consumer businesses throughout 2019.

Members of Hogan Lovells’ Privacy and Cybersecurity team contributed to Consumer Horizons 2019 to highlight some key privacy and data protection issues that businesses in the consumer industry should take note of.

These topics include:

  • Data privacy laws are disrupting the digital ecosystem (Dan Whitehead);
  • Connectivity, smart technologies, and consumer data (James Denvil);
  • Are your calls and texts compliant? An update on TCPA (Mark Brennan and Arpan Sura);
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA): Privacy law in the U.S. is changing dramatically (Tim Tobin);
  • The FTC sinks its teeth into subscription sales – ROSCA (Lillian Hardy, Bret Cohen, and Doug Martin); and
  • The e-consumer in South Africa – update on Protection of Personal Information Act (Ian Jacobsberg).

To access Consumer Horizons 2019, click here (registration required).