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Data Privacy Considerations for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Hogan Lovells partner Bret Cohen recently participated in the webinar “HR Data Privacy – Protecting Privacy in Global Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives,” hosted by BrightTALK. In this webinar, Bret and Jackie Wilkosz of Aleada Consulting discussed issues that arise at the intersection of global privacy laws and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Many companies have initiatives or programs designed to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of their workforce or applicant pools. To implement and evaluate the success of these programs, companies often must collect, use, and store personal information about their employees and applicants, such as race, gender, and ethnicity. In some jurisdictions, these types of personal information may be subject to special requirements and restrictions. For example, in countries across the EU, there are restrictions on the use of “sensitive” or “special categories” of personal information, which include race, disability, and sexual orientation.

The webinar explores the ethical and privacy implications of corporate diversity and inclusion programs, with a focus on GDPR restrictions and requirements. It also discusses best practice solutions that can help companies protect individual privacy interests while still advancing a global diversity and inclusion agenda.

To read a copy of the slide deck, click here.

To watch a recording of the webinar, click here.