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Privacy and Cybersecurity June 2018 Events

Please join us for our June 2018 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events

June 12
Data Breach Response & Notification
Harriet PearsonMichelle KisloffJoke Bodewits, and Martin Strauch will host a webinar entitled, “Data Breach Response & Notification Under the EU GDPR and U.S. laws.” They will address the GDPR’s breach notification requirements, compare to U.S. breach notification requirements, provide compliance tips and benchmarks, discuss litigation strategies for when an incident occurs, and look ahead at notification requirements under the EU’s Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive.


June 21
Breach Notification Under the GDPR and Privacy and Cybersecurity Litigation
Michelle Kisloff will speak on two panels at the ABA’s Third National Institute on Cybersecurity Law. The first panel, “Breach Notifications under the GDPR,” will cover data breach response under the GDPR. The second panel, “Litigation Round-Up,” will discuss privacy and cybersecurity litigation developments. Tim Tobin will moderate both panels.
Location: New York


June 28
European Public Policy Trends
Eduardo Ustaran will be a panelist on the legal panel titled, “European Public Policy Trends,” at the API-IOGP Cybersecurity Europe Conference for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.
Location: London