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Privacy and Cybersecurity November 2017 Events

Please join us for our November 2017 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

November 7
TCPA in Higher Education
Mark Brennan is leading a session on TCPA at the NCHER Knowledge Symposium.
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana


November 7
Employee Privacy under the GDPR
Tim Wybitul has been invited to speak at the DBG/dtb Technologie-Forum regarding employee data privacy in connection with the implementation of GDPR.
Location: Berlin, Germany


November 7
Preparing for the GDPR
Eduardo Ustaran will run the GDPR Bootcamp at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress.
Location: Brussels, Belgium


November 8
EU Privacy: GDPR, e-Privacy, and Brexit
Eduardo Ustaran will speak on “Keeping Up with EU Privacy: Never-Ending Drama” at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress.
Location: Brussels, Belgium


November 9
Drones and Cybersecurity
Hogan Lovells will participate in the Edison Electric Institute’s Cybersecurity Legal Committee Bi-Annual Meeting. Lisa Ellman will speak about the use of drones for security, as well as drone security generally, and Harriet Pearson will give the luncheon keynote.
Location: Chicago, Illinois


November 10
U.S. and EU Financial Data Protection
Katie Gasztonyi will speak on the requirements and challenges of domestic financial data protection laws and regulations and the GDPR at the Financial Technology Forum’s Fall Workshop.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts


November 10
EU Data Protection and International Data Transfers
Eduardo Ustaran will lead a PDP training on “International Data Transfers – Overcoming the Limitations.”
Location: London, England


November 15
GDPR in the Workplace
Tim Wybitul will be speaking at the 36th RDV-Forum regarding data privacy issues at work and with works councils.
Location: Cologne, Germany


November 16
Cybersecurity and the GPDR in Higher Education
Harriet Pearson and Bret Cohen will be speaking at the National Association of College and University Attorneys’ (NACUA) CLE Workshop on College and University Compliance Programs: Succeeding in an Era of Change. Harriet will speak on cybersecurity at the session “Cybersecurity: A Collaborative Approach.” Bret will speak on GDPR compliance at a session “We Have a Program Where?! Compliance Considerations for Global Partnerships.”
Location: Washington, D.C.


November 16
Internet of Things’ Impact on the Health Industry
Paul Otto will speak on “IoT’s Role in Transforming Healthcare” during a webinar organized by NetDiligence.
Location: Baltimore, Maryland. To register, click here.


November 16
Practical Implications of the GDPR
Eduardo Ustaran will speak on “Privacy Shield and Data Exports in the Trump Era” at the PDP 12th Annual Data Protection Practical Compliance Conference.
Location: Dublin, Ireland


November 27
International Data Transfers
Eduardo Ustaran and Sian Rudgard will speak at DataGuidance‘s International Data Transfers Masterclass.
Location: London, England