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Managing Workforce Cyber Risk in a Global Landscape: A Legal Review

Whether malicious or inadvertent, workforce actions cause or contribute to over half of cyber attacks experienced by organizations. Protecting against such “insider” cyber risks can be challenging, especially given the global web of privacy, communications secrecy, and employment laws that may be implicated by monitoring workforce use of IT resources.

Harriet Pearson and James Denvil, lawyers in the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity practice, have led the authorship of a white paper to help companies understand and navigate the workforce cyber risk landscape. An international team of privacy and cybersecurity lawyers from Hogan Lovells and select local counsel firms contributed to the analysis.

This white paper does three things:

  • Summarizes the key legal issues implicated by such workforce monitoring programs;
  • Describes the relevant legal frameworks in 15 major countries, including several European Union member states; and
  • Provides practical tips that organizations can adopt when developing global cyber defense programs.

While not constituting legal advice, this new Hogan Lovells white paper can be a valuable resource to organizations seeking to benchmark or assess their insider cyber threat programs.

Click here to access the full white paper and additional information from the authors.