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Privacy and Cybersecurity June 2017 Events

Please join us for our June 2017 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

June 7
FTC and State Consumer Protection Enforcement
Bret Cohen will present a webinar on “Consumer protection enforcement is #trending: How to avoid FTC and state investigations, and what to do when you get the knock on the door.” Recent developments and enforcement trends in data privacy and security, advertising and endorsements, and claim substantiation in practice before the FTC and state authorities will be discussed.
Location: To register, click here.


June 7
Cyber Breach Response for In-House Counsel
Harriet Pearson, Tom Connally, and Jon Talotta will present a session for the Association of Corporate Counsel on “Cyber Ethics: Ethical perils, pitfalls, and paths forward for in-house counsel responding to a cyber breach.” Topics to be examined will include ethical guideposts for internal cyber breach investigations, attorney-client privilege and work product protections, and the ethics of breach notification.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Northern Virginia. To register, click here.


June 7
GDPR Compliance for Security Professionals
Eduardo Ustaran will discuss how IT and security teams can prepare to comply with GDPR in a session on “Navigating Infosecurity’s Role in GDPR Compliance” at Infosecurity Europe.
Location: London, England


June 9
Telecommunications Meets GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations
Bret Cohen, Mark Brennan, and Arielle Brown will present a webinar on “International Communications Network Privacy: What Providers and Users of Telecom and Cloud Services Need to Know.” The webinar will focus on the challenges multinational organizations face in creating a seamless user experience while adapting to a changing legal and regulatory landscape.
Location: To register, click here.


June 13
EU Privacy Is Changing: Are You Ready?
Eduardo Ustaran will chair Hogan Lovells’ GDPRnow seminar. Harriet Pearson, Bret Cohen, Gonzalo Gállego, Mark Parsons, Stefan Schuppert, and Joke Bodewits from our global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice, as well as a panel of industry representatives, will offer up-to-the-minute and practical guidance on how to navigate the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation’s requirements.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Silicon Valley, California. To register, click here.


June 14
James Denvil will participate in a panel on GDPR at the New York Metropolitan Chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.
Location: New York, New York


June 15
TCPA Compliance
Mark Brennan will lead a discussion on TCPA issues at the Student Loan Servicing Alliance’s Annual Meeting.
Location: St. Louis, Missouri


June 20
Driving into the Future
Tim Tobin and attorneys from other practices at Hogan Lovells along with industry speakers will be participating in discussions regarding connected and autonomous vehicles and the future of mobility.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Silicon Valley, California. To register, click here.


June 22
Data Security and Incident Response
Tim Tobin will be co-chairing the American Bar Association’s Second National Institute on Cybersecurity Law and moderating a panel on data security and incident response, as well as an “Ask the Regulators” session.
Location: Chicago, Illinois


June 22
A Practical Look at Privacy and Cybersecurity Rules
Joke Bodewits will speak on “Privacy & Cyber Security Law” at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


June 23
Privacy and Data Protection Law
Joke Bodewits will be lecturing at a Privacy Officers Training Course hosted by the Institute for Intergovernmental Research.
Location: To register, click here.


June 23
Data Privacy and GDPR
Christian Tinnefeld and Henrik Hanßen will host a workshop on data privacy compliance issues under the upcoming GDPR.
Location: Hamburg, Germany


June 26
Impact of GDPR and Compliance
Bret Cohen will present on “International Privacy Laws…Yes, Those New EU Regulations Do Apply to You!” at NACUA’s Annual Conference.
Location: Chicago, Illinois