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Upcoming Webinar on Cybersecurity & the Internet of Things

offset_202677 Retouched 300x254“Connected” products—not just traditional IT products—are increasingly subject to cyber attacks globally. The question companies are (and should be) asking is no longer whether there will be an attack involving Internet of Things (IoT) devices and infrastructure, but when. Join us on May 24 for the third installment of our 2017 IoT webinar series and get practical guidance from our international team of cybersecurity lawyers, who will present key elements of Hogan Lovells’ well-received client workshop on this rapidly evolving topic.

In this complimentary webinar, Michelle Kisloff, Mark Parsons, Harriet Pearson, Paul Otto, and Martin Strauch of Hogan Lovells’ global cybersecurity team will consider:

  • What is the anatomy of a cyber-attack on an IoT device?
  • How does advising your organization on an IoT cyber incident differ from handling a data breach?
  • What to do when vulnerability is discovered or an attack happens?
  • What is my potential liability as a manufacturer, user, or seller of IoT products or services?
  • What are my options to get recourse?
  • What is the regulatory landscape like in key geographies like Asia or Europe?
  • How can we best prepare for an attack?

Webinar Details: Internet of Things: Cybersecurity Workshop – How lawyers can help prevent and prepare for an attack on “connected” devices and services

Date: May 24, 2017

Time: 12:00pm EDT

To RSVP for the Hogan Lovells webinar, Internet of Things: Cybersecurity Workshop, click here.