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Privacy and Cybersecurity March 2017 Events

Please join us for our March 2017 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

March 2
Privacy Women Showcase
Julie Brill will be speaking at a NY Bar Association event on “Careers in Privacy.”
Location: New York, New York


March 14
Connected Car Technologies and Trends
Tim Tobin will speak on “Protecting the Connected Car” at Automotive Megatrends’ Connected Car Detroit 2017.
Location: Dearborn, Michigan


March 14
The Fundamentals of GDPR
Eduardo Ustaran will run a “GDPR Bootcamp” at IAPP’s Europe Data Protection Intensive 2017.
Location: London


March 15
Brexit, Article 29, and the ePrivacy Directive: The Changing Privacy Landscape
Eduardo Ustaran will speak on “Keeping Up with EU Privacy: Never-Ending Drama” at IAPP’s Europe Data Protection Intensive 2017.
Location: London


March 16
Global Data Privacy
Harriet Pearson will be speaking on “Data Privacy: International and Cross Border Issues” at the 21st Annual Corporate Counsel Institute. Among the topics to be addressed are the GDPR, Privacy Shield, CBPRs, and employee vs. customer/third party data.
Location: Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C.


March 16
Brexit’s Impact on the GDPR and the Media
Eduardo Ustaran will keynote on “The Impact of Brexit on the GDPR” at The Brand Safety Summit’s What Exactly Is Brand Safety?
Location: London


March 20
Risks and Benefits of the Digital Revolution
Julie Brill will be speaking on “The ‘World’ Wide Web?” at the Princeton Fung Forum’s Society 3.0+: Can Liberty Survive the Digital Age? Topics include how different cultures prioritize and interpret what is and is not acceptable in the digital world and the narrowing distinction between state actors and private corporations.
Location: Berlin, Germany


March 20
Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Medical Devices
Marcy Wilder will speak on “Cybersecurity and Medical Devices” at the Hogan Lovells U.S. Medical Device Forum.
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


March 23
Privacy Practitioners
Tim Tobin will moderate a panel of privacy practitioners at the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s 6th Annual Privacy Law Forum: Silicon Valley.
Location: Palo Alto, California


March 24
Cybersecurity in Higher Education
Allison Bender was invited to speak on “Cybersecurity Issues” at the 2017 Winter Legal Meeting of the National Council of Higher Education Resources, a trade association for student lending, finance, consumer protection, compliance, and loan servicing and collections.
Location: Washington, D.C.


March 29
German Data Protection Act & ePrivacy
Stefan Schuppert and Martin Pflüger will be participating in a compliance breakfast on “Privacy Compliance: Draft BDSG New, Draft ePrivacy Directive.”
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Munich


March 29
Global Privacy and Data Protection
Julie Brill will lead a Fireside Chat with UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. Topics will include an in-depth look at GDPR, Brexit, and convergence in data protection standards.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Washington, D.C.


March 29
What New TCPA Rules Mean for Utilities
Mark Brennan will lead a session on “Complying with the TCPA” at KUBRA’s iConnect 2017.
Location: San Diego, California


March 30
Cross Border Privacy and Cybersecurity
Julie Brill will speak on “Data Protection: Global Convergence or Roads Diverged?,” along with UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, at the ABA’s Antitrust Law 2017 Spring Meeting.
Location: Washington, D.C.


March 30
Data Security, Storage, and Integration
Allison Bender was invited to speak as a panelist on The Knowledge Group’s Maintaining Effective and Efficient Multicloud Data Storage Strategies: 2017 Updates LIVE Webcast.
Location: Online


March 31
Women in Cyber: Cybersecurity, HIPAA, and Protecting Patients’ Data and Medical Devices from Hackers
Allison Bender will speak on “Securing the Medical and Health Internet of Things” at IAPP’s Inside Job “Securing Medical Devices and Health Records.”
Location: Washington, D.C.