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Your Cyber Minute: Watch Our Topline Digest of Today’s Cybersecurity Issues

offset_202677 Retouched 300x254With cybersecurity issues evolving rapidly, every minute counts. Our new video series, Your Cyber Minute, is specifically designed for busy in-house counsel to gain practical perspectives – fast. This multi-part series is an extension of our Ready, Set, Respond resource portal and highlights today’s hottest topics in cybersecurity. To watch in real time, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, where we post a new video on Monday and Thursday.

The two installments we’ve released so far feature cybersecurity practice lead and partner Harriet Pearson speaking with:

  • Former financial crimes enforcement lawyer and Hogan Lovells partner Greg Lisa about the NY Department of Financial Services’ (NY DFS) proposed cybersecurity regulations
  • Hogan Lovells Cyber Risk Services managing principal Jeff Lolley about major cyber threats facing organizations in 2017

Tune in to get the latest in what you need to know and how to better be prepared.

Part 1: NY DFS Proposed Cybersecurity Regulations

Additional resources and information:

Part 2: Major Threats in 2017

Additional resources and information: