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Privacy and Cybersecurity February 2017 Events

Please join us for our February 2017 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

January 31-February 1
GDPRnow: A Practical Guide to Implementing the GDPR
Hogan Lovells will be hosting GDPRnow, two half-day events that will feature speakers from our global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice and Helen Dixon, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner. GDPRnow will offer expert and practical guidance on how to prepare for the GDPR. Hogan Lovells speakers include: Julie Brill, Harriet Pearson, and Bret Cohen (Washington, D.C.), Joke Bodewits (Amsterdam), Gonzalo Gállego (Madrid), Marcus Schreibauer (Düsseldorf), Stefan Schuppert (Munich), Tim Wybitul (Frankfurt) and Eduardo Ustaran (London).
Location: Location: Hogan Lovells’ offices in Washington, D.C. and New York


February 2
Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital World
Julie Brill will be chairing a panel on privacy and data protection at the 2017 ABA Consumer Protection Conference. The panel will focus on privacy risks for companies, enforcement and compliance considerations, and privacy by design.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia


February 20
Spokeo’s Implications
Michelle Kisloff will be speaking at the Federal Bar Council’s Winter Bench and Bar Conference on standing in suits alleging violations of privacy rights following the Supreme Court’s decision in Spokeo v. Robins. Michelle will be joined on the panel by Judge Lorna Schofield (SDNY) and Dean Erwin Chemerinsky (UCI).
Location: Rancho Mirage, California


February 23
Preparing for GDPR
Mac Macmillan will be speaking at SC Congress London‘s keynote lunch on preparing for the GDPR. Topics include steps to take now, how encrypting data impacts your reporting requirements, and training data protection officers.
Location: London, England


February 24
Data Security Institutional Design and Regulatory Strategy
Julie Brill will keynote at Notre Dame Law School’s Data Security Conference, which focuses this year on legal and ethical issues in data security, as well as institutional design and regulatory strategy.
Location: Notre Dame, Indiana