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Privacy and Cybersecurity December 2016 Events

Please join us for our December 2016 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

December 1
Online Safety in the New Administration
Julie Brill moderated a panel on “Online Safety Policy in Transition” at the Family Online Safety Institute’s Annual Conference.
Location: Washington, D.C.


December 5
Mark Brennan will give a presentation on TCPA and ESIGN issues at EUCI’s Customer Communications Conference.
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana


December 6
Privacy Landscape in 2016
Eduardo Ustaran will be providing a privacy round-up of 2016 at the Data Protection Forum.
Location: London, England


December 7
Data: Friend or Foe?
Harriet Pearson is an invited panelist at the Transatlantic General Counsel Summit and will be speaking about “Caution and Opportunity in Collecting Data Today: Structuring and Leveraging Your Data Collection.”
Location: New York, New York


December 8
TCPA Under Trump’s Administration
Mark Brennan will be a presenter at the Neustar webinar, “Achieving Communication Efficiencies in a Changing TCPA & Regulatory Environment.”
Location: To register, click here.


December 10
Protecting Big Data
Julie Brill will present on “Privacy/Data Protection in a Big Data Era” at the Peking-Oxford-Stanford Joint Conference on Internet Law and Public Policy.
Location: Shenzhen, China


December 13
Mark Brennan will lead a TCPA webinar for the Software and Information Security Association.
Location: Online
December 13
What GDPR Means to AdTech
Eduardo Ustaran will speak about the impact of GDPR for the adTech industry during a webinar hosted by Ghostery.
Location: Online