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Privacy and Cybersecurity September 2016 Events

Please join us for our September 2016 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

September 1
Internet of Things Strategy
Julie Brill will speak on “The Role of Government in IoT: Do We Need a National Strategy?” at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Internet of Things Workshop.
Location: Alexandria, Virginia


September 5
Brexit and UK Data Protection Policy
Hogan Lovells will be hosting a roundtable discussion with representatives of the UK government to discuss Brexit and UK data protection policy.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in London


September 12
Cybercrime Compliance
Christian Tinnefeld will discuss compliance management requirements relating to new anti-cybercrime regulations at a Financial Experts Association event.
Location: Hamburg, Germany


September 15
Data and Business
Scott Loughlin will participate in a breakout session on “Privacy and Cybersecurity: A Big Deal for Big Deals” at the IAPP P.S.R. Conference.
Location: San Jose, California


September 16
Privacy Shield and National Security
Julie Brill will moderate a panel on “Privacy Shield and Its National Security Implications” at the IAPP P.S.R. Conference.
Location: San Jose, California

September 16
Brexit and Data Protection
Eduardo Ustaran will speak on “So We Have Brexit: What Now for Data Protection?” at the IAPP P.S.R. Conference.
Location: San Jose, California


September 20
Cybersecurity Solutions
Harriet Pearson will moderate “Ready, Set, Respond,” a Hogan Lovells webcast that will walk organizations through cybersecurity incident response plans that are consistent with industry practices and global regulator expectations. Speakers will include Hogan Lovells’ Deen Kaplan, Michelle Kisloff, Eduardo Ustaran, and Mark Parsons, as well as Anthony J. Ferrante, Director for Cybersecurity Policy for the White House.
Location: To register, click here.


September 21-23
Privacy and Security
Allison Bender will speak on “Monitoring and Surveillance: Reconciling Privacy and Security” at DRI’s Data Management and Security Seminar.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia


September 21
Eduardo Ustaran will participate in panel discussion on the GDPR at the FT Cyber Security Summit Europe.
Location: London


September 22
GDPR Training
Eduardo Ustaran will deliver training on the key concepts, scope, and application of the GDPR at the IAPP GDPR Comprehensive.
Location: London


September 22-23
Annual Compliance Day
Hogan Lovells will host the Annual Compliance Day for industry leaders, stakeholders, and other decision-makers at which Christian Tinnefeld will discuss privacy-related compliance issues.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Hamburg, Germany


September 29
EU/U.S. Data Protection
Julie Brill will participate in a discussion with senior policymakers, industry leaders, and digital privacy stakeholders about EU and U.S. data protection rules at a breakfast hosted by Politico.
Location: Washington, D.C.