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July 2016 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events

Please join us for our July 2016 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

July 6
Territorial Reach of Data Protection Law
Eduardo Ustaran will chair a panel on “The Weltimmo case in the European Court on the territorial reach of DP law” at the Privacy Laws & Business International Conference.
Location: Cambridge, UK


July 7
Artificial Intelligence
Julie Brill will speak on the social and economic implications of artificial intelligence technologies in the near term at a White House and NYU Workshop.
Location: New York, New York


July 12
Privacy Shield and the Future of Europe
Julie Brill will give the keynote at the Dublin Institute for European and International Affairs.
Location: Dublin, Ireland


July 12
Data Protection General Regulation
Tim Wybitul will hold a workshop on the Implementation of the EU-Data Protection General Regulation in companies. The workshop will address experienced decision-makers who will need to prepare their companies for the upcoming requirements of the DPGR. Using case studies, checklists, charts, and practical examples, the workshop will provide participants with the key information they need to know to plan for DPGR.
Location: Hogan Lovells’ office in Frankfurt, Germany

July 19
Privacy Issues for Financial Institutions
Mark Parsons will moderate a panel on data protection issues for Asia-Pacific financial institutions at the IAPP Asia Privacy Forum.
Location: Singapore


July 20
Connected Toys
Julie Brill will speak on kids and connected toys at an event hosted by the Family Online Safety Institute, Future of Privacy Forum, and Passcode.
Location: Washington, D.C.


July 29
Privacy Shield
Julie Brill will discuss topics such as the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, questions of essential equivalence, and the broader issues surrounding electronic data protection, transfer, and privacy at a German Marshall Fund panel. The panel will also feature Klaus Botzet from the EEAS delegation to the U.S. and Susan Hennessey from The Brookings Institute.
Location: Washington, D.C.