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June 2016 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events

Please join us for our June 2016 Privacy and Cybersecurity Events.

June 1
Global Data Flows
Julie Brill participated in a Microsoft Forum panel discussion on “We Knew the Global Data Flows Were Hard, but Really! The Year that Was and Will Be.”
Location: Washington, D.C.


June 2
Privacy Regulation and State AGs
Julie Brill spoke on the privacy policymaking of state attorneys general during the 9th Annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference.
Location: Washington, D.C.


June 7
Connected Cars, Privacy, and Cybersecurity
Julie Brill will give the lunch keynote and Tim Tobin will be presenting on a panel regarding connected car privacy and cybersecurity at the Auto Alliance Legal Conference 2016.
Location: Washington, D.C.

June 8
GDPR and a Connected Europe
Eduardo Ustaran will participate in a panel discussion on “Regulation, Risk & Privacy: Data Privacy, EU GDPR & the Global, Connected Europe” at Infosecurity Europe 2016.
Location: London


June 9
Cybersecurity and New Business Realities
Harriet Pearson will speak on a panel discussion on cybersecurity and the role of in-house counsel, law firms, and consultancies as part of the 2016 Big Law Business Summit.
Location: New York City


June 9
Secondary Uses of Collected Data
Scott Loughlin will present on the Secondary Use of Collected Health Data as part of the Minnesota 2016 Health Law Institute.
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota


June 10
HIPAA Privacy and Security Update
Scott Loughlin will present an update on privacy and security in the health industry as part of the Minnesota 2016 Health Law Institute.
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota


June 16
Medical Device Cybersecurity
Paul Otto and Yarmela Pavlovic will present a webinar on medical device cybersecurity before the Medical Device Manufacturers Association.
Location: Online


June 17
Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets
Julie Brill will keynote on Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets at the Berlin Center for Consumer Policies and speak on privacy in competition and consumer policy.
Location: Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany


June 20
Cybersecurity and the Board
Julie Brill will participate in a panel discussion on Cybersecurity and the Board at the 22nd Annual Stanford Directors’ College.
Location: Stanford, California


June 20
Cybersecurity and the Role of Counsel
Harriet Pearson will speak on Cybersecurity and the Role of the Counsel at the Association of Corporate Patent Counsel’s annual conference.
Location: Charleston, South Carolina


June 23
Privacy, Data Security, and Law Enforcement
Julie Brill will lead a discussion on privacy and data security regulation and law enforcement at the National Association of Attorneys General Summer Meeting.
Location: Burlington, Vermont


June 23
Mobile Health
Victoria Hordern will speak on “M-health, use of apps, security” at the 2016 Life Sciences Law Forum.
Location: London


June 27
Cybersecurity and the Global Financial Industry
Tim Tobin will moderate a webinar on cybersecurity developments in the Financial Services Sector in Europe and Asia. Eduardo Ustaran, Marcus Schreibauer, and Mark Parsons will also be presenting.
Location: Online


June 30
Hogan Lovells Mexico Automotive Seminar
Tim Tobin will present on automotive privacy and security issues at a Hogan Lovells Automotive Seminar in Mexico.
Location: Querétaro, Mexico