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Hogan Lovells Helps Launch IAPP Privacy Bar

shutterstock_127192658The International Association of Privacy Professionals announced this week the launch of its Privacy Bar Section, which aims to serve the lawyers that compose more than forty percent of IAPP’s membership. In conjunction, the IAPP has also applied to the American Bar Association to have its privacy certification officially recognized as a legal specialty.

Hogan Lovells’ Christopher Wolf worked with IAPP to champion the establishment of the Privacy Bar and will serve as Chair of the Bar’s Advisory Board. Wolf has highlighted the value of a bar section within the privacy community as a forum for privacy-focused lawyers.

The IAPP has announced that the Privacy Bar’s inaugural meeting will take place at the end of this year’s Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C. Details are forthcoming. IAPP is accepting nominating and applications from IAPP members for the Privacy Bar’s Advisory Board until Monday, February 15.

To read the IAPP’s announcement, click here.