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Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner Takes Lead on Privacy Regulation of Mobile Apps

In a recent client alert, partner Mark Parsons and associate Peter Colegate from the Hogan Lovells Hong Kong office highlighted the attention increasingly paid by privacy regulators around the world to the manner in which mobile apps collect, process, and transmit personal data.

The alert recounts an open letter initiated in collaboration between the privacy commissioners of Hong Kong and Canada, and signed by several others, to seven of the world’s leading app marketplaces calling on them to make app privacy policies available to users prior to downloading. The letter follows a global survey published in May 2014 by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) that highlighted the lack of adequate disclosures to users of mobile apps informing them about how their personal information is used.

Also included in the alert is a detailed analysis of “the Best Practice Guide for Mobile App Development” released by Hong Kong’s Office of the Privacy Commission for Personal Data.

To read the client alert in full, click here.