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Insights from the Russian Data Protection Authority’s Conference on Personal Data Protection

In a recent client alert, partner Natalia Gulyaeva and associate Maria Sedykh from the Hogan Lovells Moscow Office joined associate Bret Cohen from the Hogan Lovells Washington, D.C. office to highlight key insights from the fifth annual conference on “Personal Data Protection” hosted by Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Data Protection Authority.

The conference provided insight into the motivations prompting the enactment of Russia’s data localization law – which requires the personal data of Russian citizens to be stored within the territory of the Russian Federation (see our recent webinar on the law) – and some of the regulator’s compliance expectations.  The conference was well-attended by representatives of Russian and international companies, various foreign data protection authorities, and Roskomnadzor officials.  The high turnout was expected, as many stakeholders have been anticipating the conference due to the lack of clarity to date on the obligations under the law and its effective date.

For a detailed report of the conference, click here.