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Upcoming Webinar on Russian Data Localization Law

On Tuesday, October 28, Natalia Gulyaeva of Hogan Lovells’ Moscow office and Bret Cohen of our Washington, D.C. office will host a complimentary webinar outlining implications for businesses of the new Russian data localization law. The law, which may come into effect as early as January 2015, requires that data “operators” – organizations that process personal data of Russian citizens, including providers of Internet-based services – store the personal data of Russian citizens on databases located in the country.

The webinar will focus on the following:

  • what companies, data, and databases are covered by the law;
  • the process used by Russian regulators to enforce the law;
  • consequences for violations;
  • the practical risk of enforcement; and
  • implications for multi-national companies doing business in Russia.

To RSVP for Hogan Lovells’ Russian data localization law webinar, click here.