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Cyberlaw Radio Discussion of New California Privacy Laws Features Hogan Lovells

On Wednesday, Harriet Pearson, a partner in Hogan Lovells’ Privacy and Information Management Practice, appeared on the Cyberlaw and Business Report Internet radio show to discuss newly enacted California privacy laws, which the Hogan Lovells Privacy Team recently analyzed in a recent post to the IAPP’s Privacy Tracker blog.  In the interview, Pearson noted the national – and in some cases global – impact of California privacy law and standards, which effectively create privacy compliance obligations for online businesses operating across the United States.  Pearson then outlined the operational implications for online service providers of the three new laws:  a “Do-Not-Track” privacy policy disclosure law, a “right to erasure for minors” law, and a law expanding breach notifications for passwords and other information that can lead to access to an online account.

To listen to the interview online or to download a podcast of the show, click here.