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Hogan Lovells Sets Privacy Example Among Major Law Firms by Proceeding with Binding Corporate Rules

Hogan Lovells issued a press release today announcing that we are among the first major law firms to launch implementation of Binding Corporate Rules (“BCRs”) for the worldwide protection by the firm of personal information. The implementation of these rules will not only add a level of protection and efficiency to privacy and data protection, but also will provide a concrete example of Hogan Lovells’ experience with BCRs, relevant to clients of the firm also adopting BCRs.

“Hogan Lovells is committed to global privacy,” said Co-CEOs Warren Gorrell and David Harris. “The implementation of these BCRs further illustrates that we are devoted to ensuring data protection for both those at Hogan Lovells and our clients.”

BCRs are internal rules providing safeguards for data protection and privacy of individuals and facilitating transfers of personal data protected under European law.

“We are a leader in global privacy law, and it makes sense for us to use the leading mechanism for privacy protection and global transfers of personal data,” said Christopher Wolf, Co-Director of Hogan Lovells’ Privacy and Information Management practice.

Hogan Lovells formally announced it will proceed with BCRs at the Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners meeting in Warsaw this week.

For more information on BCRs please visit the European Commission’s BCR website.