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California Attorney General Launches On-line Breach Reporting Form

The California Attorney General recently launched an on-line form for businesses to report breaches of security. Effective January 1 of this year, any person or business who issues a breach notification to more than 500 California residents as a result of a single breach is required under the California breach law ((California Civil Code s. 1798.29(a) and California Civ. Code s. 1798.82(a)) to submit notice of the breach to the California Attorney General. The form requires businesses to upload a copy of a sample breach notification form and to submit additional information related to the breach, including:

·         The Date of the breach

·         Date notice was provided to affected individuals

·         Type of personal information involved

·         Type of breach

In addition to the on-line reporting form, the new site also includes a section where residents can view a listing of all breaches that have been submitted to the Attorney General’s office.