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Law 360 Publishes Interview with Hogan Lovells’ Chris Wolf

Law 360, the daily online news source about the legal profession, has just published this interview with Chris Wolf, who along with Marcy Wilder, leads the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Information Management practice.  The wide-ranging interview includes Chris’ views on current challenges in privacy law and reflections on his career.

Chris has a variety of public appearances coming up in September, including:

In October, Chris will present a paper on The Role of Government in Commercial Cybersecurity at ITU Telecom World in Geneva and will co-chair with Yuli Edelstein,  Israel’s Minister of Public Affairs and the Diaspora, a hearing in London of the Internet Hate Speech Task Force of the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combatting Anti-Semitism, whose members include privacy experts Jane Horvath from Google, Chuck Cosson from Microsoft and Professors Jeffrey Rosen and Danielle Citron.