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Bisnow Washington Program Moderated by Hogan Lovells Features Prominent Privacy Players

Bisnow, the well-known publisher of industry-specific newsletters and presenter of conferences, is hosting a program on Consumer Data Privacy in Washington, DC on the morning of  Tuesday, April 26th at the Capital Hilton Hotel.  The program is sponsored by Hogan Lovells and will be moderated by the Directors of the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Information Management Group, Marcy Wilder and Chris Wolf, and will feature:

Maneesha Mithal, Associate Director, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission

Jane Horvath, Global Privacy Counsel, Google

Hooman Radfar, CEO, Clearspring

Robert Quinn, Senior Vice-President/Regulatory and Chief Privacy Officer, AT&T

Stuart Pratt, President and CEO, Consumer Data Industry Association

Justin Brookman, Director, Project on Consumer Privacy, Center for Democracy and Technology

For those in the Washington area interested in attending, click here.  Given the legislative and regulatory activity going on in Washington these days, the program is sure to be informative and thought-provoking.