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Upcoming Webinars on Privacy Developments in Washington and Data Security Breach Notification Laws

Two webinars, one afternoon.  On Thursday, February 24, Hogan Lovells Privacy and Information Management Practice Director Chris Wolf will participate in a BNA webinar (along with Senior Governmental Affairs Advisor Nancy Granese of Hogan Lovells and Jules Polonetsky of the Future of Privacy Forum) on privacy developments in Washington, and an Experian webinar on data security breach notification laws (along with Reed Freeman of Morrison & Foerster and Tony Hadley of Experian).  Both pay-to-view programs are open for sign-up now.

What to Expect from Washington in Privacy Law in 2011

Privacy is a non-partisan issue, and 2011 is being viewed as the year in which significant changes may emerge. Media attention has focused on online collection and use of consumer data for marketing purposes, and government access to personal data stored in the “cloud”. Meanwhile, proposals for change in the US privacy framework have emerged from the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Congress. Additionally, proposals for privacy law reform have been proposed in the European Union.

This BNA webinar will focus on Washington’s influence on privacy law reform, and provide the insiders’ view of what changes are likely coming in 2011.

Program Highlights:

  • Learn what the realistic prospects are for new privacy laws and regulations.

  • Which privacy best practices may emerge from the recent proposals for reform?

  • What will the FTC and the Department of Commerce do in the privacy and data security realm?

  • Hear an evaluation of the role of self-regulation.

  • Who are the players in Washington who can affect privacy policy changes

You may register here.

State Legislation Past and Present:  The Effects of Data Breach Notification and Resolution

In 2010, security breach-related legislation was revised or newly enacted in five states and introduced in at least 18 additional states. Join us for a discourse on the effects and new developments state laws have imposed on data breach notification and resolution. 

Learn how companies that have experienced breaches have fared given the new laws and what lessons have been learned. Our panel of privacy experts will address specific examples of how data breaches occur and what steps their clients have taken to mitigate the risk of a breach in the first 72 hours. They will investigate how these laws have been applied in real-life scenarios and the implications for:

  • Data breaches resulting from third party vendors
  • Data leakage and referring headers
  • How breach laws affect medical laws already in place
  • Cyber risk insurance and what it means to compliance

You may register here.