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Hogan Lovells Celebrates Data Privacy Day

Hogan Lovells offices worldwide are celebrating Data Privacy Day today. The internationally-recognized day, which is observed in the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries, serves to raise awareness and promote data privacy and protection education.

As part of Hogan Lovells’ commitment to fostering dialogue around issues including consumer privacy protection, misuse of information, and online safety, planned Data Privacy Day activities will include:

  • Hogan Lovells lawyers from the Privacy and Information Management Practice in the Washington, D.C. office will participate in a new program, the "Privacy Law Salon" in Miami Beach, FL, a Cambridge Forums conference organized by practice director Christopher Wolf, practice Senior Policy Advisor Professor Daniel Solove from the George Washington University Law School, and Berkeley Law Professors Paul Schwartz and Chris Hoonagle, and will involve practice co-director Marcy Wilder and privacy lawyers Barbara Bennett, Lynda Marshall, Chris Zaetta, and Tim Tobin. Numerous Hogan Lovells clients also are participating in the Privacy Law Salon and Department of Commerce General Counsel and co-chair of the new federal privacy committee in the White House Office of Science and Technology, Cameron Kerry will address the group.
  • A data protection seminar in our Hong Kong office titled, "A Survival Guide to Data Protection in Hong Kong" will be presented by Hogan Lovells partner Gabriela Kennedy.
  • Lawyers in our Madrid office will partner with the Spanish Data Protection Agency for a discussion about data privacy with students. Internal seminars, discussions, and games related to data protection and privacy will take place in many offices.
  • Hundreds of Hogan Lovells lawyers in Washington, D.C., New York, California, and London will receive a fortune cookie from the Privacy and Information Management Practice (a subtle reference to the use of tracking cookies online — a current privacy focus) to raise awareness of how the privacy practice can help clients.

Washington, D.C. office partners Christopher Wolf and Marcy Wilder, co-directors of Hogan Lovells’ Privacy and Information Management practice group, coordinated the events. Hogan Lovells is well positioned to assist clients around the globe and in a wide array of industries with advice and representation in the rapidly changing area of privacy and data security law. With offices located throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Hogan Lovells is unique in it ability to provide global assistance on privacy and data security matters. We draw upon the extensive experience of our technology, health, communications, and consumer protection lawyers to provide advice and counsel across a wide range of subject matters and industries.

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