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“Privacy Papers for Policy Makers”


On Wednesday, September 15th at 8:30 AM in the Moot Courtroom of the George Washington University School of Law, there will be a program featuring privacy scholarship selected by the Future of Privacy Forum Advisory Board as the best “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers,” representing cutting-edge research and analytical work on a variety of privacy topics.  I founded and co-chair the Future of Privacy Forum, which is a think tank focused on advancing consumer privacy in ways that are business practical.

We solicited papers that clearly analyzed current and emerging privacy issues, and either proposed achievable short-term solutions or offered fresh analysis that could lead to new approaches and solutions. Academics, privacy advocates and Chief Privacy Officers on FPF’s Advisory Board reviewed all submitted papers, emphasizing clarity, practicality and overall utility as the most important criteria for inclusion.

The hope is that this relevant and timely scholarship helps inform policy makers in Congress, at the FTC, and in other federal and state agencies as they address privacy issues. This compilation is also being provided to policy makers abroad.

Leading the discussion on the 15th will be David Vladeck, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission, who will be joined by Carol DiBattiste, Chief Privacy Officer of Lexis Nexis; Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft, GW Law Professor Dan Solove, as well as my FPF co-chair and director, Jules Polonetsky.

To attend, please e-mail lauren@futureofprivacy.org