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Geneva Meeting of Hogan Lovells Privacy Lawyers Demonstrates Global Reach; Webinar on 20 May to Focus on Trans-Atlantic Challenges Facing Multinationals

  While the Hogan Lovells Chronicle of Data Protection primarily is designed for news and analysis of developments in the field of privacy and data protection, we want to take the opportunity of the recent combination of Hogan & Hartson with Lovells to inform our readers of the global breadth and depth of our practice. While each of the legacy firms was celebrated for its privacy and information management practices, the coming together of the lawyers from the two firms has created a practice group that is unparalleled in the world.  Hogan Lovells helps clients address privacy and data protection globally and in regard to specific national laws in countries around the world, through our 40 offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and across Asia.

In the coming weeks, we will detail the privacy practices resident in various offices around the world.



Last week, selected partners from the global privacy and information management practice met in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss practice coordination and cooperation, and to focus on how we together can better serve our clients as a unified group.   (Regrettably, some of the partners scheduled to participate were grounded due to the Icelandic ash cloud including, notably, practice co-leader Marcy Wilder). Joining the discussion and pictured above are (from left to right)  Winston Maxwell (Paris), Quentin Archer (London), Steffan Schuppert (Munich), Gonzalo Gallego (Madrid), David Taylor (Paris), Marco Berliri (Rome), Wim Nauwelaerts (Brussels) and practice co-leader Christopher Wolf (Washington).


To provide an illustration of our global capabilities,  tomorrow (20 May 2010) the firm will host a webinar entitled “Hogan Lovells Trans-Atlantic Discussion on the Privacy Challenges Facing Multi-National Corporations”. This will be the first webinar by the Privacy and Information Management Group at Hogan Lovells, featuring privacy lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic from the former Hogan & Hartson and Lovells. Quentin Archer (London), Steffan Schuppert (Munich), Wim Nauwalaerts (Brussels), Lynda Marshall (Washington), Marcy Wilder (Washington) and Christopher Wolf (Washington) will explore contemporary privacy law challenges facing companies doing business in multiple jurisdictions around the world, such as:


  • Cross-Border Transfers of Data Internationally
  • Managing Employees in Multiple Jurisidctions
  • Onine Marketing Issues Around the World
  • Data Security and Data Breach Requirements
  • The Obligations Concerning Health Data Around the World
  • National Trends with International Ramifications


The panelists will explain how a coordinated international approach to privacy compliance is cost-

effective and is an optimal way to limit risk and protect privacy.


Readers of the Hogan Lovells Chronicle of Data Protection are cordially invited to attend our webinar.  Please register by clicking here.