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Complimentary October 6th Teleconference with Professors Chris Hoofnagle and Joseph Turow, Authors of Study on Consumers’ Feelings About Tailored Advertsing

As recently reported in the New York Times and elsewhere, two prominent professors conducted a survey of American’s feelings about online tracking for the delivery of tailored advertising.

The report on the survey shows that Americans have very strong feelings about tailored advertising and takes issue with the policy arguments in favor of the consumer value of online customization based on past user activity.  However, the authors suggest steps forward for industry based on “respect” and “information reciprocity”.

The Future of Privacy Forum will be hosting the authors of the study, Professors Chris Hoofnagle and  Joseph Turow, for a teleconference with Q&A on Tuesday, October 6th at Noon ET.

Readers of our blog are invited to participate.  To request call-in information, please email Heidi@futureofprivacy.org